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Older Adults

Diane Esola RN BSN

PN1350 This discusses the theories, normal aging process, older adult concerns, laws, Health Care Providers and myths about the elderly.

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1.difficulty controlling temperature r/t
6.decreased coordination results in
9.decreased interaction between older people, a theory
10.older adult concern, $
12.myth, bladder
13.theory that loss of this in connective tissue has decrease in func. abillity
16.many differant drug stores, same meds at each
17.sex drive
19.dificulty hearing
20.factors of environment (stress),lifestyle,socio economic statis
22.primary insurance for the elderly, 65 and over
23.male hormone decreases with age
26.success methods continue throughout life theory and repeat
27.grooming of males every day
28.not covered by medicare
32.immunization every 6 years for pneumonia
34.grey hair
35.factor of genetics is this for an aging person
36.generation that was born in late 50's to 60's
2.changes in DNA from DNA possably from radiation cause it
3.sufficient to occur 2x a week to prevent dry skin
4.a theory that this can cause structural and chemical changes in the body
5.Developed stages from birth to death, integrity vs despair
7.movement decreases in GI results in constipation
8.NI bladder
10.older adult concern, alone
11.DM Type II is when this system malfunctions
14.roles change though out lifetime theory,stay involved
15.thymus gets smaller, theory increased incidence of infections
18.loss in intellectual funct, not normal in aging
21.Study o/t effects of normal aging & and age related deseases
24.dosages of meds decrease due to organ function deminishes
25.poor vision with aging
29.older adult concern, dependent on others
30.cognitive changes or acute confusion of rapid onset
31.female hormone decreases with menopause
33.thicken, decrease in number and size, impairing resp.

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