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Oxygen Needs

Iesha Tillman

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1.The lungs are scanned to see what areas are not getting air or blood.
7.Difficult, labored, or painful breathing.
9.The lack or absene of breathing.
11.Slow, weak respirations at a rate fewer then 12 per minute.
13.Using a machine to move air into and out of the lungs.
15.Breathing deeply and comfortably only when sitting.
16.When breathing stops.
19.A sensitivity to a substance that causes the body to react with signs and symptoms.
20.Rapid and deep respirations followed by 10 to 30 seconds of apnea.
22.A reduced amount of oxygen in the blood.
24.The collapse of a portion of the lung.
26.Very deep and rapid respirations.
27.The process of withdrawing or sucking up fluid.
28.Precise amounts of oxygen are given.
31.The escape and collection of fluid in the pleural space.
33.Rapid breathing; respirations are 24 or more per minute.
34.Mucus from the respiratory system.
35.What does O2 stand for?
36.Blood in the plueral space.
37.Inserting an artificial airway.
38.Respirations are slow, shallow, and sometimes irregular.
39.Relates to breathing in.
40.The amiunt of oxygen given.
2.When recording the oxygen concentration, what does S stand for?
3.Respirations gradually increase in rate and depth and then become shallow and slow.
4.A harmful chemical or substance in the air or water.
5.A machine that measures the amount of volume of air inhaled.
6.Air in the pleural space.
8.Sitting up and leaning over a table to breath.
10.What means breathing?
12.The most or the greatest.
14.Bloody sputum.
17.The amount of hemoglobin containing oxygen.
18.A scope is passed into the trachea and bronchi.
21.The prongs are inserted into the nostrils.
23.What has a round end?
25.Respirations are rapid and deeper than normal.
29.The tube does not come out.
30.O2 is piped into each person's unit.
32.Cells do not have enough oxygen.

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