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Prenatal Terminology

Brenda Tanner

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2.where fertilization takes place
4.inner fetal membrane of amniotic sac
6.fetus drops into pelvis
10.pregnant for first time
12.cell division that shares
14.human placental lactogen
17.lining of uterus after implantation
18.used to determine fetal position
20.more than one pregnancy
21.a chromosome that is not a sex chromosome
22.lutenizing hormone
23.Loss of pregnancy before 20 weeks
25.softening of the cervix (2 words)
28.never been pregnant
29.first occurs between 16 and 20 weeks
31.another term for EDD
32.outer fetal membrane of amniotic sac
36.no meat, no eggs, yes diary
37.never given birth to viable fetus
38.bypasses pulmonary artery (2 words)
40.amenorrhea, morning sickness, quickening
41.9 weeks gestation until birth
44.discoloration of face-facial.....
45.produces estrogen and progesterone for first 12 weeks of pregnancy (2 words)
48.fetal heartbeat, fetal movement by practioner, visualization of fetus on US
49.determines fetal lung maturity (2 words)
50.human chorinic gonadotropin
51.rule used to detrmine EDC
1.exact replica
3.more than one viable delivery
5.onset of labor until expulsion of placenta
7.loss of pregnancy after 20 weeks
8.yes eggs and milk
9.father's taking on of symptoms of pregnancy
11.pregnancy history
13.dark line of pigmentation on abdomin (2 words)
15.positive pregnancy test, enlargement of abdomen, Braxton Hick's contractions
16.cause birth defects
19.2 to 8 weeks gestation
24.opening between atria (2 words)
26.estimated date of delivery
27.time between conception and onset of labor
30.bypasses liver (2 words)
33.delivery of first viable child
34.blocks cervical opening (2 words)
35.bluish purple color of cervix (2 words)
39.1/3 of pregnancy
42.pregnancy that implants outside of uterus
43.given around 28 weeks if Rh-
46.16 cells
47.fertilized egg
48.eating nonfoods
49.last menstrual period

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