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september inservice


focus charting, adl's, influenza

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1.Frequency of AIMS tests
4.During showers look at the resident, being sure to check skin condition
6.Frequency of Fall Risk Assessments
10.Keeps mouth and teeth clean and without odors. Prevents gum disease and bad breath
11.Frequency of pain assessments
14.Frequency of documenting on a resident with continuous IV's
18.Precautions to take when providing personal care
22.Key element of improving the prevention of influenza and pneumonia and their complications
23.True/False: Oral care still needs to be completed even if the resident's dentures have been thoroughly cleaned
24.Influenza virus can sometimes lead to this
25.True/False: Cathy charts all open areas so nurses don't need to document on them
26.Viral infection effecting the nose, throat and lungs
29.Nurse's notes, ADL's, voiding diary, BM sheets need to match
30.Be sure to trim toenails of residents when needed, even if they are diabetic
33.One reason why a resident would not be vaccinated against influenza or pneumonia
37.True/False: It is necessary to keep female residents' faces clean shaven if they grow facial hair
41.Wear these while shaving a resident because contact with blood is possible
42.Immunization of healthcare workers effects residents of ECF's in this way
43.Global disease outbreak that occurs when a new influenza virus emerges for which people have little or no immunity, and for which there is no vaccine
44.Frequency influenza vaccines are offered
46.Frequency of charting on a new admit
47.Those >65 years old and/or live in an ECF/LTC, healthcare workers, those with longterm health issues
2.A shot that can help protect you from some strains of the flu virus
3.Government organizations requiring nursing homes to offer influenza and pneumococcal vaccines to all residents
5.The BEST place to sneeze or cough into? It is NOT into your hands!
7.True/False: You can copy focus charting week-to-week
8.True/False: If you didn't document it, it didn't happen or it wasn't done.
9.Frequency of focus charting
12.The percent of healthcare workers that were vaccinated against influenza last year
13.Dirty fingernails can do this
15.When flu vaccines are available (before the flu season begins)
16.One reason why a resident would not be vaccinated against influenza or pneumonia
17.Frequency of medicare charting
19.Frequency of checking for the need of and completing fingernail and toenail care
20.The singlemost important method in preventing the spread of the flu virus
21.Can cross-contaminate thereby spreading infection and disease
27.Frequency of psychotropic med evals
28.Test used to determine if a person indeed has the influenza virus as opposed to the common cold
31.Fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, headache, muscle aches, and tiredness
32.True/False: Behaviors must be documented in the focus charting
34.Behavior logs, BM sheets, ADL grids, voiding diary
35.Can scratch and injury a resident
36.Frequency of Braden Scales
38.Keeping the resident harm free
39.Providing this maintains an individual's dignity
40.The target percent that the CDC has proposed ECF's to attain in innoculating residents against influenza and pneumonia
45.It is necessary to thoroughly clean the feet and toes of residents even if they are bedfast and have boots on

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