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Ammie, Diane, Jadee

Somatiform disorder

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3.After ____, the outcome is usually partially met.
6.In _____ disorder the symptom is symbolically related to the conflict.
8.What is being preoccupied with self image & can cause eating disorders?
10.this includes getting out of responsibilities, getting attention, or manipulating others.
14.Goals should be _____ and ____ and structured to improve client progress.
17.The ____ collects data about nature, location, onset, character, and duration of symptoms.
18._____ therapy provides exposure and response prevention strategies.
19.Which theory suggests somatoform symptoms are learned ways of communicating helplessness which allows the individual to manipulate others?
20.No clear _______ exists for somatoform disorders.
21.Somatoform symptoms are ______ ways of communicating helplessness, which allows the individual to manipulate others.
22.Relaxation skills, assertiveness training, biofeedback, and physical exercise are all what skill?
1.Nondelusional preoccupation with having a serious disease
2.Conversion disorder may display indifference to their condition, an attitude called __ ____ _______.
4.History of many physical complaints beginning before 30.
5.______ restructuring helps clients correct their misconception about their illness through ____ questioning and reasoning.
7.Somatofrom symptoms are not under the individual’s ____ control.
9.What is a common practice of a client with somatoform disorder?
11.What is the expression of psychological stress through physical symptoms?
12.This usually takes place in the home or clinic setting.
13.6. ____ disorder involves pain in one or more anatomical sites of sufficient severity to cause distress, reqire clinical attention, & impair functioning.
15.Due to patient _______ use, we need to monitor benzodiaxepines closely.
16.A(n) deficiency may affect incoming pain signals and may be a factor in BDD.

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