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Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Group 9

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5.The fundamental principle of insulin therapy is that the right amount of __________ must be available to cells when glucose is availabe in the blood. (Adams, 2008)
6.This effect of insulin causes glucose to leave the blood and serum glucose to fall? (Adams, 2008)
11.What should you monitor before each meal and before insulin administration? (Adams, 2008)
16.Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus results from autoimmune destruction of? (Adams, 2008)
22.Contains approximately one million clusters of alpha and beta cells that produce pancreatic hormones. (Marieb, 2007)
27.You should always carry a source of __________ incase of hypoglycemic reactions. (Adams, 2008)
29.___________________corticosteroids, thyroid and growth hormones are hyperglycemic hormones. (Adams, 2008)
30.What is one of the most frequently prescribed types of insulin? (Adams, 2008)
32.This may occur if a patient does not rotate insulin injection sites ________. (Adams, 2008)
33.Insulin human analog with rapid onset of action? (Adams, 2008)
35.What kind of disease is DM? (Adams, 2008)
36.What is produced as waste products in persons with DM that also causes a fruity breath odor? (Adams, 2008)
38.What type of Insulin peaks between 2 and 4 hours? (Adams, 2008)
39.A child born to a mother diagnosed with GDM has a _____ percent chance of being obese. (Adams, 2008)
40.Insulin human analog with prolonged duration of action? (Adams, 2008)
41.Alpha and beta cells produce two hormones that have what type of relationship?(Marieb, 2007)
1.An insulin delivery device that is anchored to the abdomen and programmed to release small subcutaneous doses of insulin into the abdomen at predetermined intervals, with boluses at mealtime administered manually if necessary? (Adams, 2008)
2.______________ ______________ bracelets help emergency personnel identify someone as having DM. (Adams, 2008)
3.Oral hypoglycemics-biguanides may also be used to treat _____. (Adams, 2008)
4.When a DM1 patient administers their insulin correctly but skips a meal what is not available?(Adams,2008)
7.How many classes of oral hypoglycemic medications are there? (Adams, 2008)
8.How long before the first meal of the day should NPH be administered? (Adams, 2008)
9.Contraindications of insulin include sensitivity to ingredients in the ___________ of the insulin its self. (Adams, 2008)
10.Diabetes is leading cause of _____ in adults. (Adams, 2008)
12.Diabetes is leading cause of _____-_____ _____ disease. (Adams, 2008)
13.The nurse should ________the patient's insulin dose in response to increased caloric intake, infection, stress, growth spurts, and the second and third trimesters of pregnancy (Wissmann, 2008)
14.Primary adverse effect of insulin? (Adams, 2008)
15.Phenytoin, NSAIDS, and diuretics are drugs that produce what type of effects (Adams, 2008)?
17.Inhaled form of insulin? (Adams, 2008)
18.Antagonist to insulin? (Adams, 2008)
19.Type 1 Diabetes is known as? (Adams, 2008)
20.Rapid decrease of blood glucose during the night? (Adams, 2008)
21.The pancreas is a gland from what body system? (Marieb, 2007)
23.Alcohol, lithium, ACE inhibitors, and beta-adrenergic blockers are drugs that produce _________________ effects. (Adams, 2008)
24.Common route of insulin administration? (Adams, 2008)
25.True or False. Sometimes regular insulin can be given by IV. (Adams, 2008)
26.Where should you keep your insulin when not using it? (Adams, 2008)
28.A blood glucose level that is over 126 is an indication of _______________. (Adams, 2008)
31.What type of Insulin peaks between 6 and 20 hours (Adams, 2008)
34.Islets of Langerhans cells that secrete insulin? (Adams, 2008)
37.When mixing short-acting insulin with longer-acting insulin, draw the _____ acting insulin up into syringe first. (Adams, 2008)

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