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What's Fun about Pediatrics

Christina Wilson

This activity will lead you to discover the finer moments of a rotation in pediatrics. Welcome.

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1.score given to newborn in delivery room based on responsiveness
3.a way to pass the time while you are feeling ill
5.a four letter word not used in adult hospitals
6.a developmental scale used to assess maturation
7.first menstrual period
9.a form of communication
11.artist's tools
12.needed to feed infants
13.a site for lab draws in neonates
15.shots given throughout childhood to prevent disease
17.development in the first year of life (Erikson)
19.a local anesthetic cream
20.toddlers developmental task
21.a social service agency for the protection of children
22.the most crucial social group in the hospital
25.brothers and sisters of patient
27.believing that thoughts are all-powerful and can cause events
29.leading cause of death from disease past infancy
1.the number one chronic disease of children
2.how to measure what's in the diaper
4.a risk factor that impacts health
8.the first and last thing to do to prevent the spread of disease
11.your best friend when preparing pediatric medications
16.the persistent negative response to requests
17.causes lyme disease
18.learning tools
23.it happens to children as well as adults
24.worn by some of the smallest of your patients
26.the glue that makes all the "owies" go away

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