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Clinical Evaluation of Eye Movements

James Kundart, O.D., M.Ed., F.A.A.O.

For Optometry 503 at Pacific University

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4.Type of eye movements not tested on NSUCO, but which should be tested first
7.This type of nystagmus converts to upbeat on upgaze
8.This eye movement disorder affects OD and OS viewing but not OU (Dr. Ciuffreda's Ph.D. thesis topic too)
9.Congential nystagmus commonly causes this kind of pursuits
10.Amblyopes in particular have this problem with fixations
11.This type of eye movement is not tested by the DEM
1.Both hypermetric and hypometric saccades can be caused by this vision disorder
2.A common problem with fixations that may occur when patients are fatigued
3.Type of high-plus goggles used to induce and better observe vestibular eye movement disorders
5.Type of pursuits seen in SCCO scoring system, grade 4
6.This type of evaluation of pursuits and saccades is measured by chairside "bead skills"

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