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Albert Einstein

Use Encarta to find the information needed to complete this crossword puzzle. Good Luck!

2 3 4 5        
6             7    
8       9    
13                           14
  15                 16
19   20        

4.Quantum _______.
6."God does not _______ _______ with the world."
11.Uncertainty _______.
13.Einstein supported two social movements, _______ and _______.
15.Einstein was born in this country.
21.City where Einstein spent much of his youth.
22.President _______ receieved a letter concerning the possible development of an atomic bomb.
1.Einstein won the _______ Prize in Physics in 1921.
2.City of Einstein's birth.
3.Instrument played by Einstein.
5.When _______ came to power, Einstein left Germany for the United States.
7."On the _______ of Moving Bodies," Einstein's third major paper.
8.Planck's _______.
9.According to Einstein, the only source of knowledge is _______.
10.Location of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics.
12.First name of Einstein's first wife.
14.Einstein's chief early patron was _______ _______.
16.Einstein received his doctorate from the University of _______.
17.Brownian _______.
18.A light particle is called a _______.
19.Age at which Einstein began to talk.
20.Unified _______ theory.

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