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Conceptual Physics Crossword


A Puzzle with 1st semester vocabulary

2 3   4
5           6               7        
8 9                     10   11   12  
15                     16     17              
  21                 22   23          
24               25                    
  26   27              
  28         29            
    31         32
33                   34 35 36       37           38
41       42            

5.The force due to gravity
6.pivot point
7.simple machine
8.the change in velocity divided by time. vector quantity
13.An object is moving if its position relative to a fixed point is changing.
14.one quantity increases the other quantity decreases
15.at right angles
17.The Vector sum of all of the forces acting on an object
18.distance divided by time
19.a distance
20.The number and kind of atoms that make up an object
22.falling under the force of gravity only
24.mass * velocity
25.fake force
27.vector quantity for speed
28.force that keeps an object moving in a circle
33.The sum of the energies of position and motion
35.A measure of how well something uses energy.
39.A number. Also shown as a length
40.unit of time
42.kind of collision in which shape does not change
43.force divided by area
44.work divided by time
1.at the beginning. In physics it is when time equals zero
2.the standard unit for length
3.Force of rubbing two surfaces together. A force of sliding
4.Magnitude and Direction
9.energy is neither created nor destroyed.
10.Any Push or Pull
11.energy of motion
12.unit of energy
16.The Total distance covered divided by the time it took to travel that distance.
23.The Net force is zero. By Newton’s 2nd Law acceleration is zero
29.kind of collision in which shape changes
30.An object that can change the direction of a force or multiply forces
31.The standard unit of mass
32.The standard unit of force
34.energy of position
36.An object will continue in motion or stay at rest unless acted upon by a non-zero net force.
37.The ability for an object to resist changes to it’s state of motion
38.units of power
41.force * distance

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