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Forces and Motion

1 2   3     4
5             6
  8           9              
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2.What "like" poles do to each other
5.Calculated by d/t
7.A horizontal flat line on a distance-time graph means the object is _____________
8.The opposite force to drag
9.The force between particles that allows us to stand on the ground
11.The mass of a substance per cubic metre
12.the _____________ of mass is the point where the objects mass is balanced
13.Measured in seconds, minutes or hours
14.The change in speed over time
15.Forces can change the sh_________ of an object
17.Instument used to measure force
20.Force that acts over a distance between two opposite poles
24.The force that acts on charged particles
25.The force that acts on anything with mass
26.Calculated by force/area
27.Instrument used to measure length
28.The law of falling _____________
1.The force caused by the combination of mass and gravity
3.If an object loses electrons, its overall charge becomes ____________
4.Any two objects fall at the rate in the absence of A___ ________________
5.Forces can change the s________ of an object
6.Forces can change the d_____________ of an object
10.Force that occurs when two substances rub past each other
16.The force which allows objects to deform and bounce back to original shape
18.When an insulator is charged by rubbing, it loses/gains these
19.4WDs tip more easily because their centre of mass is __________
21.Part of the body that was used to measure an inch
22.Symbolised by the letter m, units g or kg
23.To indicate one force is bigger than another, draw the arrow _____________

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