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Light & Sound Waves

Mr. Grattini

Based on Glencoe(1999) Physical Science. Chapter 18-19.

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1.a sound wave is a ________________________
5.absorbs all colors of the spectrum
7.the bending of a wave caused by a change in speed
9.lowest point of a wave
11.the number of waves per second
14.the weakest EM wave
17.the amount of energy in each sound wave
19.the height of a wave
20.AKA heat/thermal radiation
2.transverse waves produced by the motion of electrically charged particles
3.the strongest EM wave
4.distance between two consecutive crests/troughs
6.material through which a wave transfers energy
7.a wave bouncing off of an object
8.a wave in which the medium moves at right angles to the direction of travel
10.an object that refracts white light into a rainbow
12.the human perception of sound intensity, measured in decibels
13.A rhythmic disturbance that carries energy through matter or space
15.reflects all colors of the spectrum
16.the highness or lowness of a sound
18.highest point of a wave

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