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Peter Bird

2   3                
5   6            
        7 8
    11           12    
13         14                     15
18                             19  
22             23        

2.Radiation given off by mercury lamps
5.Measure of the brightness of the light reflected from a surface
9.Gas contained in some types of filament lamps
11.Provides the starting voltage and current control
13.Type of starter used in flourescent lamp circuits
14.Type of discharge lamp
16.Lamp output compared to energy input
18.The ability of the lamp to show colours faithfully
20.Name given to the outer glass vessel of lamp
21.Measurement of power
22.Name of filament in discharge lamps
23.Device which splits light into seven colours
1.Takes into account deterioration of reflecting surface and light output
3.Filaments are made from this metal
4.Light is this type of radiation
6.Type of vapour contained in flourescent lamps
7.Light consisting entirely of one wavelength
8.Device used in discharge lamp circuits to improve power factor
10.Flow of light radiated fron a single source
12.These types of lamps do not rely on the heating of a filament to produce light
15.Type of square law
17.Lamp will not restrike if mains fails until this has reduced through cooling
19.Type of lamp often used for street lighting

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