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Ch1-2 Physics Crossword Puzzle

1     2 3
6             7          
10           11    
12   13
  14                   15  
  16                 17          
1.A measure of the amount of material.
4.The ______ is also defined as a specific number of joules.
6.A ______ is a reasonable explanation of observed events that are related.
7.A unit of time.
8._______ is the property of matter that opposes any change in its state of motion.
9.Symbol: L (measurement)
10.One of several vectors that can be combined geometrically to yield a resultant vector.
14.The application of science to human needs and goals.
16.________ the agreement among several measurements of an object that have been made in the same way.
17.A yard is equivalent to the ______ of 3ft.
18.Expressed in terms of error.
19.property of a measuring device that determines its limits.
2.The search for relationships that explain and predict natural phenomena.
3.A unit of mass in the metric system.
5.The unit of force.
11.This field is often referred to as technology.
12.Metric unit for measuring distance.
13.Anything that has mass and exhibits inertia.
15.The capacity for doing work.
16.The exploration of matter & energy.

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