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Physics Standards


1 2     3 4 5 6 7
  8       9          
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    30                             31             32
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39   40             41                   42
    44                             45            
  46 47                   48   49                
50                 51                        
    52           53  
  55                   56

2.Unit of electric potential
9.To an observer an approaching car's horn has a ___________ pitch than the driver hears
11.The name for the flow of electric charge
15.Energy of motion
16.Direction of centripetal acceleration
18.No acceleration will occur
26.Measurement with magnitude and a direction
27.Direction of centripetal force
29.The bending of a wave as it passes a barrier
30.These are used to step up or step down voltage
31.Speed times time
33.All masses exert gravity on all other masses
36.Type of circuit that has both series and parallel portions
37.Objects in motion remain in motion
38.The bending of waves as a result of going from one medium to another
39.Type of circuit where current can only follow one path
41.The bouncing of waves off of an object
44.For every action force, there is an equal reaction force in the opposite direction
45.What a wave travels in
47.Three hundred million meters per second
49.Distance from the origin to the peak (or trough)
50.Wavelength times frequency
51.The vibration of light in only one plane
52.Type of circuit where current splits
55.Number of cycles per unit of time
57.Measure of the average kinetic energy of molecules
58.Lower frequencies of light have ____________ wavelengths
59.Product of mass and velocity
3.Distance divided by speed
4.Time needed for a wave to complete a cycle
5.Inertia in motion
6.Unit of electrical resistance
7.Lowest part of a wave
8.Opposite charges ____________
9.The faster molecules move, the _____________ their temperature
10.Measurement with magnitude only
12.Higher frequencies of sound have ____________ pitch
13.Forces come in pairs
14.Causes a change in momentum
17.Energy due to an object's position above Earth's surface
19.Law that says energy can change forms
20.Balanced forces
21.This law of motion tells us why a car can't make a sharp turn at high speeds when it hits an oil sli
22.Unit of power
24.Study of heat
25.Unbalanced forces cause acceleration
28.v = IR
32.Measure of disorder
34.Distance divided by time
35.Unit of electric current
40.Like charges ______________
42.Passing a magnetic field by a wire creates a ____________ in the wire
43.Shortening of wavelengths as a result of the motion of an object making the waves
46.Highest part of a wave
48.Unit of frequency
53.This is what waves transfer
56.A messy room has ___________ entropy than a neat room

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