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Roller Coasters

Mr. Alpert

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1.______ hill. The highest hill in a roller coaster. It gives it potential energy.
3._________ G force. A force greater than the normal force of gravity in which a person feels heavier than normal.
4.__________ induction motor. A type of motor used in roller coasters to move cars up a hill by use of electromagnets.
7.The change in level from horizontal to pitched on race tracks to reduce centrifugal inertia or outward force
9.___________ acceleration. The acceleration of an object as it goes around a curve. [equals velocity squared divided by the length of the radius).
10.Newton's ____________ Law of Motion. Force equals mass times acceleration
14.A change in velocity over time or a change in direction
15.__________ velocity. The total distance a coaster travels divided by the total time it takes to travel that distance.
18.Free _____ diagram. A vector drawing which shows the forces on an object and their resolution into a final resultant force.
19.The inward directed force which keeps objects moving in a circle (example, a ball on the end of string is kept in a circle by the string)
20.Distance divided by time
21.A device which measures angles and is used to determine the height or distance of remote objects.
2.A force which pushes against an object in motion produced by the rubbing together of the two surfaces.
5.The metric unit of work. A Newton-Meter. It is equal to the work done when moving an object with a weight of One Newton a distance of one meter.
6.A sense of weightlessness produced by a reduction in the g force which an individual feels.
8.The force of gravity which moves objects toward the center of the earth. It is an acceleration (32 feet per second squared)
11.A special type of curve used on roller coasters. It is made up of two different radii.
12.__________ G force. A force of less than normal gravity in which a person feels less than his normal weight.
13.Angular ____________. A measure of distance over time as an object travels in a circle.A measure of distance over time as an object travels in a circle.
16.Energy of motion
17.A push or a pull

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