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Emilie Cross

Terms to know for 1st semester physics

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1.The amount of time for a complete circle or cycle
2.A force that opposes motion when two surfaces slide past each other
4.The product of force and distance when they act in the same direction
8.A type of collision where momentum is conserved, but KE is not.
9.A change in momentum
11.The type of force that is directed perpendicular to a surface
12.The rate of change of velocity with time
14.The rate at which work is done; the rate at which energy is used.
16.The size of a given quantity - how much? how fast? how far? etc.
20.A push or pull on an object due to the interaction of two objects.
21.A type of collision where both KE and momentum are conserved
22.A term used with "energy" or "friction" that implies motion
24.A quantity with magnitude & direction
25.A term used with "friction" that implies a lack of motion
1.A term used with "energy" that implies stored energy.
3.A term often used with "acceleration" that literally means "center-seeking"
5.The units for mass when using an equation
6.The change in position of an object (from start to finish)
7.The number of circles or cycles per unit of time
10.The ability to do work
13.Inertia in motion
15.The slope of a position-time graph, can be + or -
17.How fast an object is traveling
18.The tendency for an object to resist changes in velocity; directly related to its mass.
19.A force that exists between any two masses separated by a distance
23.The units used to measure force

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