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Physics Crossword Puzzle

Seare Kidane

1             2    
  4   5        
7                   8    
11 12       13            
    15                     16  
18       19           20  
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32                         33            

1.A freefaling object impelled forward through air.
3.Unit for an electric charge.
4.Type of collision in which the total kinetic energy is the same before and after the collision.
7.Distance between two crests or troughs.
9.It is equal to the work done per unit time.
10.Process in which energy is transferred by electromagnetic waves.
13.Type of image where all rays of light do not actually come but only appear to do so.
14.Substances that conduct electricity poorly.
15.Law that relates the absolute pressure, the volume, the number of moles, and the kelvin temperature of an ideal gas.
18.Type of image which all rays of light actually do come forth..
19.Time required for one revolution.
21.Type of force that runs paralel to the surface.
22.Type of wave where the pattern of disturbance is perpendicular to the direction of the travel of the wave.
25.It is a combination of a constant force done on an object and the magnitude of the object's displacement.
27.Form of accelerationwhen an object accelerates toward the center of the circle at every movement.
28.It equals the mass times the velocity of an object.
30.Vector that points from object's initial positon toward its final position.
32.Phase change from a liquid to a vapor.
33.Type of frictional force that produce no movement.
34.A force that depends on the path of the motion between the two points.
35.Unit for heat
2.Process that occurs at constant temperature.
5.Part of a wave that is a maximim excursion of a particle of the medium from the particle's undisturbed position.
6.Tendency of an object to remain at rest or in motion at a constant speed along a straight line.
8.Energy that flows from a cooler object to a warmer one.
11.The bending of a wave around an obstacle or the edges of an opening.
12.Process that occurs at constant pressure.
16.The constant that represents the number of particles per mole.
17.Unit for force.
20.Number of cycles per second.
23.Equals object's change in velocity over elapsed time.
24.Force that is the product of the average force impulse and the time interval during which the force acts.
26.The process in which heat is carried by the bulk movement of a fluid.
29.Equals object's displacement over elapsed time.
31.Classified as either a push or pull.

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