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You're in Charge

Sharon Robertson

Electricity key words

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2.The unit used to measure electric current
4.A material which does not conduct electricity
8.This device converts kinetic enrgy into electrical energy
10.This device converts electrical energy into kinetic energy
12.Steps up or steps down voltage
13.Sources of energy which can be replaced
15.The value of the potential difference between two points in a circuit
18.The ratio of useful energy obtained from a device, compared with energy put in to it
20.An electronic component whose resistance varies with light intensity
22.Electricity produced by the fission of uranium atoms
23.A battery which is able to have its energy replaced
24.A magnetised piece of metal surrounded by an electric field
25.A lighting device whose resistance increases as the voltage increases
28.Reverses the direction of current in a motor
34.An electronic component whose resistance varies with temperature
35.A system of cables which transports electricity around the UK
36.The rate of flow of electrons
37.An electrical safety device containing a thin piece of wire
40.The unit of potential difference
41.An electronic component designed to produce a known resistance
42.The most common type of battery
43.A type of circuit in which all the components are connected in one loop
44.A circuit where components are connected in a number of interconnected loops
1.The generation of an electric current by passing a wire through a magnetic field
3.A device which is able to transform light energy into electrical energy
5.The colours of a plugs earth wire
6.Electricity produced by the downhill flow of water
7.An instrument for measuring electric current
9.The property of materials to resist the flow of electrons
11.A property of materials that have no resistance to electric current at low temperatures
14.Electricity produced from water heated by underground rocks
16.The rate at which work is done. The product of current x voltage
17.A scientific way of drawing the efficiency of energy transfers
19.A complete loop, containing electrical components
21.The ability to do work
26.Used on a bicycle to generate electricity
27.An instrument for analysing different electric current
29.The unit used to measure resistance
30.This resource can be used to generate electricity using large turbines with blades located in high places
31.A type of train moved by electro magnets
32.An instrument for measuring the potential difference across a component
33.A device that uses a chemical reaction to generate electricity
38.The unit of electrical power
39.Electricity produced by the movement of water between tides

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