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Poetry Definitions

Joshua S.

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3.Secondary meanings of words
5.A group of lines forming a division of a poem
7.The feelings evoked by the words and images used in a poem
8.Poetry that has no regular rythmic pattern
10.A pause in a line of poetry
13.A poetic form that celebrates the world of shepherds
14.The poet's attitude
18.A comparison extending over many lines, in which the object is described at great length
19.Two lines of poetry whose ending words rhyme
21.The moon walked silently into the sky to kill the sun
23.Dante's "Divine Comdey" and Milton's "Paradise Lost"
24.Unrhymed, five-stressed lines; the way Shakespeare's plays are written
26.A fourline stanza
28."hiss" or "murmur"
29.Vivid description of an object or scene
31.The cat in the hat comes abck
32.The obvious meaning of a phrase or passage is different from the meaning it is really intended to convey
33.Like the closing of some aweful book, a too-long story
34.Dictionary meanings of words
35.kind of figurative language that involves exaggeration
1.Non-literal expressions used to convey ideas and feelings more vividly
2.A form of poetry that always has fourteen lines
4.Strike a match against the cloud's brown rump
6."have" and "wave"
7.The regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables that we hear over several lines of poetry
9.The appearance of a poem on the page or a reference to the structure of the poem
11.A formal poem lamenting the death of a person
12.The prominence or emphasis given to certain words
15.A group of three lines within a stanza or poem
16.Good Girl Gone Bad
20.lines in which the meaning leads you to run swiftly beyond the end of the line and into the next line to complete the syntax and the sense
22.The sun toils like a fisherman
25.A figure of speech where a part is used for a whole, an individual for a class, or the reverse of these
27.The recurrence of groups of stressed and unstressed syllables in lines of poetry
30.A type of poetry that is a personal statement evoking a mood or expressing a certain feeling

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