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Poetry Crossword Puzzle

Leif Larson

mixed with Freshman English and Poetry

1 2 3
6   7   8                  
9       10      
    11                 12   13  
    18           19    
22     23              
      26               27
  32       33              
      35       36        

4.Dominant form of contemporary poetry.
8.Repitition of consonance sounds within or at the end of the line.
11.She lived in that house for 30 years after the great fire of 1687.
14.The children for Dr. Seus
15.As she scampered through the trees soft tunes lofted in the breeze.
16.Your mom was cat-like last night.
17.I like to keep my food in the pantry
18.The basket ball player stopped short of the hoop and turned from side to side.
21.It appeals to the 5 senses.
22.The worker turned pale when the cement truck almost hit him.
24.Repitition of beginning consonant sounds.
25.The conference room was full of noisy commotion.
26.relflections can confuse people.
28.Some cops in New York City are corrupt.
30.When the basket ball player stopped short of the hoop and turned side to side it really sent his opponent off guard.
31.Yeah i'm old fashioned like that.
33.The dragon chortled when I stabbed myself with a sword.
34.That guest speaker was socially smooth.
35.A stanza of four lines.
37.I have the fastest __________ in all the land
38.A moral life lesson.
1.Written like todays music.
2.Madusa's hair probably was just twisting and turning like snakes.
3.The sky cried out loud.
5.The ghost was floating over the stair case.
6.Some aspect of nature
7.The spring on the shock was curled around the rod that acted as hydrolics.
9.The person who is speaking in the poem.
10.Buzz, meow, ho.
12.Everyone seemed bewildered when the cow skated over a volcano.
13.Comparison of two very different things
19.Repitition of vowel sounds within or at the end of the line.
20.Indians are spiritual people.
23.Used bakc in the olden days to burn the British.
25.The dog was shaking when he was in the rain.
26.The Pope and the President
27.Symbolic meaning of a image
29.A writing that creates pictures with words.
32.Using words to describe a person
36.Repition of sounds at the end of the line in a stanza.

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