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Government Crossword


Vocabulary words for Canadian government.

1 2 3
4                                     5   6   7
9 10            
12                     13        
    15     16      
18   19     20                                  
      22                     23

4.citizens give their idividual power to an elected official to vote for them
8.taking part in or sharing something
11.when party in chage can not get out voted.
12.Protects individuals from discrimination
19.government responsible to the people of Canada
21.a judge or magistrate
22.making a settlement by each side, giving up part of its demands
26.group of minsiters that run government departments
27.every member of society must follow the law
28.when party in charge can get out voted
30.a vote by all the people in a country
31.having one legislative chambers
1.the power to make laws
2.the size of the population determines the number of people in government
3.start a campaingn to influence a member of parliament
5.a vote in which the country approves or rejects a law
6.two political parties get together to form the government
7.admitting a person of foreign birth to full citizenship of a county
9.privilages that are guaranteed by government legislation
10.having two legislative chambers
13.People share a common belief and wish to change government policies
14.obligations that extend to include the type of behaviour that shows respect for others
15.every voter participates in every decision that affects society
16.the party that has authority
17.a group running for parliament that has common beliefs
18.An act that shows prejudice against, or in favour of something
20.judging people according to preformed opinions
23.system of government in which the people make the decisions
24.membership in a nation, have rights and responsibilities
25.an assembly that makes the laws of a country
29.a proposal for a law that is submitted to parliament

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