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Ch. 5&6 Terms


government hw :(

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1.Sufficient evidence to believe that a crime has been committed
6.A request that individuals submit to government officials
7.Defamation of character in writing
10.A primary or secondary school supported by a religious organization
11.Speech intended to promote resistance to lawful authority and that especially advocates the violent overthrow of a government
15.A jury, consisting of six to twenty-three persons, that hears criminal charges against individuals and determines whether or there is enough evidence to justify holding a trial
16.Relinquished or given up
18.Legislative act that inflicts punishment on particular persons or groups without granting them the right to trial
19.A verb expression of opinions, ideas, or beliefs combined with some sort of action such as marching or demonstrating
22.A part of the First Amendment that prohibits the establishment of a church officially supported by the federal government
28.A criminal law that made certain acts before the laws were passed
29.Criminal cases in which the sentence might involve death penalty
30.The provision of the First Amendment that guarantees the free exercise of religion
32.An order issued by a court authorizing a public official to proceed in a specified manner, such as a search warrant
33.The rule that any illegally obtained evidence cannot br used at the court trial of the person from whom the evidence was seized
35.Providing damaging information or testimony against oneself in a court of law
36.The suspension of a criminal sentence by a judge on the grounds that the individual maintain good behavior and be supervised by a probation officer for a specified period of time
37.The obligation that rests with the prosecution to prove whether a defendant is guilty of a crime
2.Money that a prisoner may be required to deposit with a court to obtain his or her release and to guarantee that he or she will appear in court at a designated time
3.The rule or test, first proposed by Justice Oliver Wendell Homes, which holds that free speech cannot be limited unless it clearly endangers the society the government is designed to protect
4.Disrespect for or willful disobedience of Congress
5.A gathering of people for a common purpose
6.A provision in the Constitution that states that the law must be carried out in a fair and orderly manner
8.The practice of spying to obtain information about the plans and activities of a foreign power
9.A trial that is canceled because the judge believes it has not been fair in some way
12.The suppression of material deemed objectionable on moral, political, or other grounds
12.The suppression of material deemed objectionable on moral, political, or other grounds
13.The doctrine holding that speech, religious practice, or other First Amendment freedoms may be permissibly curtailed if such expressions might lead to some "evil"
14.Individual rights protected by the constitution against the powers of the government
17.The loss of citizenship though due process of law
20.The expressionof beliefs, opinions, or ideas though forms other than speech or print
21.A jury that cannot agree unanimously on a verdict
23.The constitutional requirement that the government may not act unfair or arbitrarily
24.The methods used by law enforcement officials to look for and collect evidence they need to convict individuals suspected of crimes as referred to the Fourth Amendment
25.A trial before a judge, without a jury
26.Deprive or diminish
27.The punishment imposed by a court of law on an individual who is found guilty of a crime
31.Laws that protected reporters in courts of law against disclosing their sources and revealing other confidential information
34.The release of a prisoner before the completion of his or her prison sentence

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