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Presidents of the US

A. Goldstein

Each word is either the first or last name of a President.

1         2 3      
  5   6          
7         8          
12 13        
14     15   16  
17     18            
19     20   21 22      
    23             24 25  
27               28              
  30             31      
      32         33
34         35   36                
    37   38     39       40  
      42       43   44        
46   47         48                  
  50   51               52            
53       54                    
55   56 57                  
            58                 59  
60             61     62            
        63             64   65      
      67 68   69            
  70 71           72   73    
77             78              

1.He kept us out of war
3.Loved those hanging chads
6.A doubting one
7.He promised hope but gave us debt
8.Aerosmith frontman
10.(blank) logs stacked in a (blank)
13.Are you sleeping, brother?
14.Worth two in the (blank)
18.Jonny and June went to (blank)
19.Chester have you heard about (blank)
23.Send the troops back to their (blank)s
26.Cartoon cat
27.Wrote "Hawaii"
28.Masculine of G. Chaplin
29.Five dollar's head
30.English capital misspelled
32.Dear (blank)
34.19th century expatriot author
35.Sec. of State before becoming president
37.His slave bore him a child
41.Not Masters, but (blank)
42.Duke of Wales (abbreviation)
43.Second middle name of 41st president
45.A kind of bear
47.Slang for restroom
48.Invaded Normandy
50.Tallest mountain in the North America
52.(blank) have you heard about Harry?
54.42nd state
57.Capital of Wisconsin
58.Served two, but non consecutive terms
60.Popular drink minus the "i"
62.Husband to Sec. of State
63.Infamous skater; attacked Kerrigan
64.King (blank) bible
66.Life of Riley's Bennett
69.Tippecanoe's first name
71.Famous music hall named for him
74.Plural of first man on earth
75.By (blank), exclamation
76.To earn a government (blank)
77.Had some little liver pills
78.Curious (blank)
2.Took the spit of Venezuelans
3.Bird's beak
4.As Swift as the singer
5.Along with Hartley wrote an important labor law
6.Jim Carey character
9.Slang for a man's penis
11.(blank) a dot
12.America often just referred to as the (blank)
15.Best known as a vaccum cleaner
16.Small town on lake Couer d'Alene
17.Sounds like Jimi's "Purple (blank)"
20.Hero of the Right
21.Namesake of Protestant reformer
22.Youngest Beatle
24.Flower child mecca
25.Negotiated peace after Revolutionary War
27.Six presidents with this name
31.Tippecanoe's grandson
33.Longest serving president ever
34.To force open a lock
36.Strait laced overseer of Prohibition
38.One of two presidents with same first name
39.Shall we cross the river? No, I'd (blank) it.
41.First son of a president to become President
44.San Juan Hill horseman
46.Blamed for the crash of 1837
49.Came in all colors as long as it was black
51.Tragic American family
53.Father of artist Jamie
56.same as McDonald
57.Like a duck but spelled with an "i"
59.Burton's given name
61.Mexican War hero
65.Authored the famous Doctrine
67.Should have been a first name
68.Sounds like the first men to fly ; the (blank) brothers
69.Benning's husband
70.A form of body art
72.(blank) & Gracie
73.Sesame Street character
74.TV show, the (blank) family

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