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2.Term used to describe an infant's main caregiver: ________ attachment figure
6.Type of attachment resulting from senstive responsiveness from primary attachment figure
10.This term refers to disruption of attachment through separation
11.Term used by psychologists to describe the failure to form attachments
12.Close emotional bond shared by two people
14.The type of society where members are more concerned with independence than interdependence
18.The method developed for assessing type of attachment: _________ situation
19.Husband and wife team who investigated the effects of temporary separations on infants
21.In this type of conditioning learning occurs when we are rewarded for doing something
22.Van Ijzendoorn and Kroonenberg carried out this type of analysis on a large number of strange situation studies in different countries
1.They conducted a longitudinal study of children who were adopted or returned home from an institution (Hodges and _______)
3.Type of insecure attachment where the infant both seeks and rejects contact with caregiver
4.Schaffer and Emerson's study of 60 Glasgow babies found that _______ attachments seemed to be the norm rather than the exception
5.The name of the girl studied by Curtiss
7.A type of conditioning where learning occurs through association
8.Type of attachment associated with failure to form attachments
9.Type of culture where members are more with group needs and interdependence
13.Psychologist who demonstrated imprinting in geese
15.The psychologist who showed that contact comfort was more important than feeding in rhesus monkeys
16.Name of female psychologist who conducted research with Ugandan mothers and children
17.Term used by Bowlby to describe the importance of one emotional relationship to an infant
20.According to Bowlby attachment behaviour can be described as this

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