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foundations of psychology

Mr Horn

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5.Maslow's needs reflects individuals' desires for status, superiority, self-respect, and prestige
7.Freud's level of unconsciousness that was concerned with basic needs
8.Maslow's hierarchy reflects a desire for love, friendship, affiliation, and group acceptance
9.defense mechanism to place undesirable feelings on someone else
12.defense mechanism that results in returning to an earlier age to cope with situation
14.Freud's metaphor for the unconscious mind
15.One of Freud's methods to analyze the unconscious by providing words and seeing reactions.
16.student of Wundt founded functionlism
20.as you move through Maslow's stages on gains _________________
21.uses strategies to Freud believed __________ resolved conflicts between conscious and unconscious aspects of personality.
22.psychological school which believes people can change their lives.
23.psychology is the study of human __________________
24.balances the conflict between id and superego
25.psychologist that is associated with the humanistic perspective
1.defense mechanism in which one does not face the reality of a situation
2.reactions by human beings to resolve unconscious conflict and avoid anxiety
3.acronym that explains Freud's stages of development from birth to adulthood
4.category for physics, chemistry, biology, psychology.
6.the ultimate goal of psychology is to ________ the quality of life.
10.approach sees behavior as being influenced by the unconscious mind
11.psychologist that is associated with structuralism
13.stages Freud believed all children developed through.
17.feeling of status, superiority, self respect
18.according to Freud adult problems are caused at critical stages of ________
19.hierarchy of needs, food, water, sleep, and to an extent, sex, are considered _____

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