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Issues in diagnosis and classification of psychological disorders


A crossword puzzle to help AQA 'A' GCE students build their vocabulary for the Psychopathology section of unit 4

1               2 3 4      
5                           6 7
8   9                
16                   17

1.Identification of an illness from its symptoms.
3.A manual produced by the World Health Organisation for classifying and identifying all medical conditions.
5.The process by which behaviours are defined and treated as medical diseases.
9.Knowing someone as 'schizophrenic' or 'phobic'.
10.Diagnostic criteria really do relate to a specific disorder
12.Two or more diseases occurring together.
14.Conclusions that can be drawn from something.
16.A widely held, fixed and oversimplified view.
18.Arranging psychological disorders in groups according to symptoms.
2.A prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to come true. (3 Words)
4.The outcomes that result from issues in classification and diagnosis.
6.Diagnostic criteria and tests produce consistent diagnoses.
7.Not the same as other people.
8.Marking out someone in a negative way, based on their characteristics.
11.A state of being unwell.
13.Thomas said that mental disorders are due to problems in this.
15.Standards against which something can be judged.
17.A manual of mental disorders produced by the American Pyschiatric Association.

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