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3.A measure of how long a memory lasts before it is no longer available
6.A limited capacity loop dealing with auditory information in the working memory model
7.Type of task used to prevent rehearsal in Peterson and Peterson's 1959 study of the duration of STM
8.A key researcher associated with the working memory model
13.Atkinson and _______ developed the multi-store model of memory
14.In the cognitive interview witnesses are encouraged to report _________
18.The main form of encoding in LTM
19.The term used to describe memory for personal experiences and events
20.A number commonly believed to represent the capacity of STM
22.The first store in the multi-store model of memory
23.The tendency to be less accurate when identifying people from different age groups than our own is called: own-age ____
1.This plays an important part in improving recall of information
2.In Loftus and Palmer's study of EWT, this verb produced the largest estimate of the car's speed
4.Preferred method of encoding in STM
5.Type of experiment used by Bahrick to study the duration of LTM
6.Term used to describe the type of memory for how to do things
9.Research studies that are considered unrepresentative in some way might be criticised for lacking this
10.A way of extending the capacity of STM
11.Term used to describe memory improvements techniques based on encoding information in special ways
12.A way of keeping informative active in STM
15.One of the two researchers who developed the cognitive interview in 1985
16.Method of encoding in STM when acoustic not possible
17.A type of question likely to produce unreliable eyewitness testimony
21.This effect arises when people pay more attention to, for example, a gun, than to the person holding it: ________ focus effect

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