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General Psychology


Chapter 7 vocabulary review: Learning

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1.increase the frequency of a behavior they follow when they are applied
4.something that produces a reaction
5.situation in which a conditioned stimulus no longer causes a conditioned response
7.a way of extinguishing fear to a certain stimulus
9.learned avoidance of a particular food
13.responding differently to stimuli that are not similar to each other
14.a reaction to a stimulus
15.acquiring skills and knowledge through observing & imitating others
2.a simple form of learning where one stimulus produces a reaction
3.a stimulus increases the chances that the preceding behavior will occur again
6.increase the frequency of the behavior they follow when they are removed
8.responding in the same ways to stimulis that seem to be similar
10.learning that remains hidden until needed
11.learning; pairing of two stimuli
12.a way of teaching complex behaviors

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