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Christie Hoskins

Ch. 8 Psychology: A Modular Approach to Mind & Behavior

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5.Due to its extensive popular media coverage, this type of memory has caused a reduction in sensitivity to actual abuse
6.The fading or weakening of a memory trace due to a passage of time is called
7.This refers to the fact that most memory chores are handeled by STM & LTM
9.Visual images that must be "scanned" for at least 30 seconds and then "projected" out in front of the person onto a blank surface in order to be "seen"
11.The "unconscious" act of pushing memories out of mental awareness
13.Records personal experiences that are linked to specific times and places
16.This occurs when a person NEW Memories interefere with the retrieval of OLD Memories (such as with a new cell phone # keeping you from remembering your old cell#)
17.Any type of memory system or aid, such as using the acronym "Roy G Biv" to remember the colors of the spectrum or "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally-PEMDAS" to remember how to do the order of operations in an equation with more than one type of mathematical operation
18.The feeling that the memory is available or "right there", but somehow still just out of reach
19.OLD Memories interfere with retrieval of NEW Memories (such as with an old microwave prevents you from being able to program the new one)
22.The fact that many elderly and/or even senile persons have excellent long-term meories tends to cast doubt upon this theory as a reason for forgetting
27.During the memory making process, incoming information must first be____
28.Eidectic Memorizers' amazing skills are based on
29.Often referrred to as "skill" memory
30.An amazing ability to correctly identify previously learned info, such as with a multiple choice or matching exam
1.Direct retrieval of facts or information, such as with an essay quiz or a discussion question would be
2.In contrast to maintenance rehearsal, this type of rehearsal links new info with old or existing memories
3.A common phenomena where a person "updates" memories on the basis of logic, reasoning, or new information. Such as I take my husband to a restaurant and ask if his meal was as good as the last time we ate there. HINT: I've never taken my husband to this restaurant.
4.A person might have this when they have internal images that are so vivid it is as if the person were looking at the actual person, place, or thing
8.When a person silently repeats info over & over again in their mind, it is a process called
10.The problem with these are that no matter how real they may seem, they must still be verified with medical or police data
12.Records impersonal knowledge of the world.
14.Sometimes called "fact" memory, it can be further divided into semantic and episodic memory
15.this memory system holds small bits of info for relatively brief time periods.
20.10 letter word that is 1of 3 commonly used memory tasks
21.This occurs when a person makes a conscious effort to put something out of their mind
23.In order for a memory to be useful, it must be
24.When memories are available but not accesible, these stimuli associated with memories, often aid in its retreival (such as with 9/11)
25.After information is encoded, it must be held for later use. This is known as
26.This memory system acts as a lasting storehouse for knowledge.

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