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Quack Psychological Therapies

M. Hafer

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3.This is one of the buzz words that should alert you that a therapy is unproven and probably ineffective.
5.___________ memories work involved unlocking totally hidden and forgotten memories of past abuse.
6.Homer Simpson is one of many who claims to have been abducted by a _________; Kang and Kodos strongly deny they were involved.
8.His therapy often involved having sexual relations with clients!
9.Many untested dietary __________ even claim that they can cure or alleviate symptoms of mental disorders!
11.To re-experience the trauma of delivery in order to work out internal issues.
14.This involves using little flashing lights to effect a magical cure in practically no time at all.
15.Another buzz word that makes it sound like a quack therapy must be effective.
16.While very popular in recent years, work involving __________ and spiritual re-allignment is entirely unscientific.
17.The ___________ effect can explain why sometimes quack therapies SEEM to work when they don't.
18.Many patients who recovered lost memories recalled being abused by ___________ cults.
19.This man thought that gut-wrenching yelling had a strongly curative power all by itself.
1.In recent years, several people have been accidentally killed while performing this rite.
2.The primordial cosmic energy (life energy) present in all living things.
4.This "therapy" involves wrapping kids in blankets or mattresses.
5.This obnoxious celebrity claims to have regressed all the way to the womb during "therapy".
7.This therapy involves curing gay people.
10.Past life ___________ involves taking a person back to previous lives to work out issues that were never resolved.
12._______ work involves releasing "memorie" of past abuse by passing hands over a patient rhythmically.
13._________ scream was very popular in the 1960s and is a lot of fun--just not very effective.

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