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5 Major Religions

Ashleigh Tempero

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1.The birthplace of Muhammad, and the holy city of Islam. (Islam)
3.Pilgrimage to Mecca. One of the five pillars of the Islamic faith. (Islam)
7.The ultimate reality that underlies all of existence. (Hinduism)
8."Three baskets" Refers to the set of three texts that are central to Buddhist doctrine. (Buddhism)
11.The original Christian religion which descended from the original Christians in Rome at the time of Christ. (Chrisianity)
14.The spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic church. (Christianity)
16."Yoking, joining" The path of liberation from samsara through focusing the mind to experience higher states of consciousness. (Hinduism)
17.The holy day at rest which commemorates God's completed work of creation and his liberation of the Israelites from their bondage in Egypt. (Judaism)
18.The endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth. (Buddhism)
20.The Jewish library of oral law and tradition. (Judaism)
21.The feast of tabernacles celerbrating the harvest. (Judaism)
22.The language spoken by Gotama Buddha and his contemporaries. (Buddhism)
23.The festival held in Jewish homes on the first night of passover. (Judaism)
24.The obserbvance of precepts of moral behavior, which lays the foundation for the development of the mind through meditation. (Buddhism)
2.The belief in Jesus Christ as savior of the world. (Christianity)
4.The supreme being. The name of God. (Islam)
5.The remembrance of the period of time leading up to and including Christ's death on the cross. (Christianity)
6.A Buddhist monk who depends on the generosity of others for hs basic necessities. (Buddhism)
9.The sacred text which recorrds te lives of major figures in Christianity, including Jesus. (Christianity)
10."The pervador" A god of the Hindu trinity that preserves the universe and embodies goodness and mercy. (Hinduism)
11.The Jewish New Year. (Judaism)
12.A national epic of India. (Hinduism)
13."Supernatural power" The power that produces the phenomena of physical existence. (Hinduism)
15."submission to the will of Allah" (Islam)
19.Islamic place of worship. (Islam)

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