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Aboriginal Spirituality

Michael Scarpone

Based on the "World Religious" course, test your knowledge with this crossword puzzle!

1 2
    3 4
5         6   7  
  8   9        
11               12        
15           16

5.Medicine man or witch doctor.
9.Memorization, fluent speech, listening and understanding.
11.Beaded belts; used for oral teachings
12.Carved wood, connecting Aboriginals to their ancestors.
13.Aboriginal Spirituality was ignored by ______ settlers.
15.Philosophy that believes all things belonging to nature have a spirit/soul.
1.A story passed down by word of mouth due to illiteracy.
2.Sacred symbol: the round shape represents the circle of life.
3.Native; naturally 'belonging' to an area or region.
4.Aboriginals migrated from ______ to North America and South America over 35,000 years ago.
6.Native spirituality is closely connected with ______.
7.Aboriginals contributed to North American society by cultivating this plant.
8.A gathering, centered around the community, which includes dancing, drumming and chanting.
10.Sacred animal: represents God's transcendence and strength.
14.Black Elk was born from the ______ group in 1863.

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