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Biblical Quilt Names


Quilt Names originated from the Amish and as new blocks were created new quilt names were created.

1                         2  
3 4                
5 6                
  7   8                    
11                           12            

1.A boy and a giant fought a battle (three words)
4.he was severely tried by Satan and these fell (two words)
6.this was filled with two of each animal (two words)
8.this had many colors (two words)
11.this was placed on Jesus' head (three words)
12.And the dead in Christ shall arise.
13.What did God give the Hebrews to eat while in the desert (three words)
14.Jesus was sitting _____(three words) when he told the disciples the signs of his return.
15.These were used to tell Biblical stories in the early churches (two words)
16.the Wisemen followed the (three words)
17.these fell down with the trumpet's sound (three words)
2.Eve picked an apple from the (three words)
3.In my Fathers House there are ____ (two words)
5.Shadrach Meshach and Abgednego were thrown into the (two words)
7.Israelites were also referred to as ___________
9.children of Adam and Eve (three words)
10.Our faith is based on a _____ (two words)

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