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The Byzantine Empire and the Orthodox Church

Martin Hafer

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1.A "split" within the church or any other group.
3.Leader of the Catholic church.
6.These people believed all religious symbols (such as paintings and statues) should be banned from churches.
8.St. ________ converted the slavs and created a written alphabet so the Bible could be translated into their native languages.
9.This Emperor BRIEFLY reunited the Eastern and Western Roman Empires in the 6th Century.
10.A church ruling that a marriage never officially occurred.
11.The leader of a branch of the Orthodox church.
13.This doctrine states that the Pope cannot make a mistake when making proclamations.
15.This empress had been either an actress or prostitute--historians aren't sure which.
16.Meaning to "classify" or "standardize"--in this case, it refers to LAWS.
17.These people elect the Pope.
18.Up until the fall of the empire, this person appointed leaders in the Orthodox church.
19.Meaning "original" or "unchanging".
1.Hagia ___________ was the central church building of the Eastern Empire--it was later converted to a mosque and is now a museum.
2.These pictures were made up of 1000s of little colored tiles.
4.True or False--According to church doctrine, the Pope can be removed from office.
5.The emperor claimed to have seen a vision of the cross and was the first to make Christianity the official religion of his empire.
7.Byzantium was re-named this.
8.A vow Catholic priests make to renounce sexual contact with all others.
12.During the ___________, a large army of Catholic soldiers sacked the Byzantine capital.
14.These books are located between the Old and New Testaments and are not accepted by Protestant churches.
15.This group conquered the Byzantine Empire--changing its religion to Islam.

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