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Vocabulary #2

Barbara Doorhy

Confirmation class vocabulary

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2.The ability to make our own decisions, to choose right or wrong.
5.Consecrated oil used in the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation & Holy Orders.
6.The cross with the crucified body of Christ.
8.The receiving of the body & blood of Christ.
9.The official doctrine teaching of Christ's church.
10.God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit- 3 persons in one.
11.Special days set aside by the Church for worshipping God, honoring the Blessed Mother or the saints, when we are obligated to attend Mass.
14.Another name for the sacrament of "last rights" or "anointing of the sick".
19.The sacrament administered by the Bishop, which seals the gifts of the Holy Spirit, received during Baptism.
20.The place & state of eternal happiness.
21.The first 4 books of the New Testament, telling of life & teachings of Christ.
22.The cutting off of the sacraments & commuion w/ the church as a punishment for acts against the church.
23.The denial of the truth of the Catholic Faith.
26.The virture by which we believe all God as revealed.
27.The sacrament in which we tell our sins in hopes of gaining absolution from the priest through the grace of the Holy Spirit.
29.The sacrament through which men become priests.
30.Water blessed by a priest to drive awaythe power of the devils & to obtain graces from us.
1.The place & state of eternal torment & punishment.
3.The calling to mind of all sins committed since your last confession.
4.The angel who announced to Mary that she was chosen to be the mother of God.
7.The sharing of the grace among all members of Christ's church, whether on earth, purgatory or in heaven.
12.The seat of authority for the whole church in Rome, under the leadership of the pope.
13.Any gift of God. Also, "God's Love".
15.In union with or sharing with.
16.The part of Mass, where the priest uses the words of our Lord to change the bread & wine into the body & blood of Christ.
17.Afallen angel, especially Satan who is the head of fallen angels.
18.The judgement of our reason, determining if an act is good or bad.
24.The revelation of Christ as God made to the Magi, made at His Baptism by John in the Jordan, & during the first miracle.
25.The first book of the Bible, including the story of Creation.
28.The day in which Christ rose from the dead.

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