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Peter Kerrian

1 2
    3 4        
    5 6  
7                 8
  10   11            
13       14        
17                 18      

3.Five day festival during the fall that commemorates good defeating evil
7.The Main god of Hinduism
9.Hindu Spring festival that honors the buring of Holika
10.30% of the Population are Hindu
12.The earliest literature of Hinduism
14.Country where Hinduism was created
15.Helps free your mind and brings your body and soul together
16.The fourth month of the lunar calendar
17.the rebirth of souls
19.90% of the island's Population are Hindu
20.If you fulfill Dharma you will have ______ Karma
1.87% of the Population are Hindus
2.Good or bad force created by ones actions
4.Hinduism teaches that the world is an ________
5.Hinduism was started mainly in the _________, but spread across the world.
6.The ____________, although they left a rich body of hymns, left little material culture behind.
8.The 12th lunar month of Hinduism
11.This helps you to advance to a better life
13.The ______ is sacred and protected by law
18.Hinduism is the _______ largest religion in the world

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