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James O'Neill

1   2           3   4
5 6   7            
8 9                
10       11       12                   13
    14 15                
    17           18          
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  22       23 24         25       26

1.The Night of power and......
7.Angel who visited the prophet in the cave.
9.Wife of the prophet.
10.The city in which the prophet was born?
12.Number of names for Allah.
15.The seal of the prophet.
16.The city in which the prophet fled to?
17.What Pillar of Islam is Ramadan?
18.What Pillar of Islam is the requirement to pray?
19.Daughter of the prophet.
21.Master teacher of the whirling dervishers.
22.Partisans of Ali
24.Sacred word or recitations of God.
25.What Pillar of Islam is confession of faith?
27.Arabic name for God.
29.The individual chapters of God's word are called.
2.The prophet was the manager of what.
3.Jews and " " are people of the book.
4.What does Hajj mean?
5.Islamic law code.
6.What Pillar of Islam is the Hajj?
8.Muslim notion of Community.
11.Dervishers role of extinctioning one's self.
13.A Muslim's personal struggle for faith?
14.Number of pillars of Muslim faith.
15.The new name for the city to which the prophet fled.
18.Main branch of Islam.
19.What Pillar of Islam is Almsgiving?
20.Muslim messiac warrior.
21.Writings or customs of the Prophet.
23.Corse wool wearers or whirling dervishers.
26.Number of miracles in Islam?
28.main country of the Partisans of Ali.

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