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Knowledge of your Islamic Faith

Amin Z.

Islamic Cross Word Puzzle

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4.The story of this Prophet (Pbuh) begins on day when he left his home on a journey. It was about noon he had come upon a barren place. He felt the heat of the sun and the thirst in his throat. He was in an abandoned town when he dismounted his donkey and unpacked his grapes and dates. Finding the shade of a Khaiba three he commenced to eat his lunch. When he had finished he looked around the empty town. The only signs of humans were that of their bones. Saying this out of wonder, not doubt, because of the utter ruin of what he saw. Allah gave the command to the Angel of death to take his life. He was dead for a Hundred years, until Allah commands the Angel to cause his heart to beat again and brang this revelation to the Israelites and died a second time at the age of Forty. What is the name of this Prophet (Pbuh)
5.This Creature is made of Smokeless Fire.
6.The Prophet (pbuh) who after leaving the twin cities lost his wife who remained among those in sin. Which Prophet (pbuh) is this?
8.What is the First Step In Faith?
12.Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "Religion is very easy and whoever overburdens himself in his religion will not be able to continue in that way. So you should not be extremists, but try to be near to perfection and receive the good tidings that you will be rewarded; and gain strength by worshipping in the mornings, the nights." (See Fath-ul-Bari, Page 102, Vol 1). (Bukhari Book 1 Volume 2 Hadith 38). What is this Hadith telling us?
14.We can use this substance when there is no water nearby for Wudu. What is it called?
15.On the bottom of hell lies a tree with fruit shaped like devil heads, what is the name of this tree?
16.The Qur'an refers Marriage as a Fortress of what?
18.In This Month People are awake far more during the Night as the Day may seem to be dead. What is the name of this month on the Islamic Calendar?
19.This Prophet (Pbuh) was the father of twelve children, one of which was the prophet Yusuf (pbuh).
20.Up to How long did the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stand in prayer during the night? (2 Words)
23.What Can Make a King a Beggar and a Beggar a King?
27.Preached against the worship of the false God Ba'al. What's the name of this Prophet (pbuh)?
29.What could the revelation of the Qur'an crush if Allah were to send it down on?
31.According to the Qur'an, what will the mountains be like on the day of resurrection? (2 Words)
33.What is the name of the Highest Level of Heaven where Prophets, and the most strict followers of Islam go?
34.One of the signs of a hypocrite, of that which he swears. (Derived From Bukhari Book 1 Volume 2 Hadith 33)
35.Who was the father of Yahya (pbuh)?
37.On March 20th 2012 the first time will this happen in the US for the 21st century. What is this event called?
42.With a Kingdom which had control of Jinn and knew the language of the Birds which prophet (pbuh) ruled this domian?
45.Which Prophet (pbuh) was the second son of Ibrahim (Pbuh)?
46.What is the name of the steed that took the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) From Mecca to Jerusalem and back in one night to begin the Isra and Mi'raj?
49.Mentioned in Al-Kahf From Ayat 83-98 It talks about a man who lived during the time of Ibrahim (Pbuh) who protected the people from the Yajuj and Ma'juj who lived between two mountains, and had a wall as high as the summits to enclose them so they could not escape until the day Allah wills. what is this man called?
51.One of the signs of a hypocrite, of that which he is entrusted. (Derived From Bukhari Book 1 Volume 2 Hadith 33)
52.Muslims have been known traveling far and wide to reach this event once every year whether by plane, boat, car, camel, or foot. What is the name of this event?
54.The Companion and Brother of Musa (pbuh) and prophet (pbuh) who tried to stop the Israelites from worshiping a golden statue of a calf but failed to do so until his brother returned, furious. What is the name of this brother and Prophet (pbuh)?
56.One of the signs of a hypocrite, of that which he is foul mouthed. (Derived From Bukhari Book 1 Volume 2 Hadith 33)
58.One of the two Most dangerous sins, this one of those who carve stones.
59.From Before the Light of the Sun emerges to when all of it has faded does this obligatory action occur more than once. What is the name of this act of worship?
60.How many Brothers did Yusuf (pbuh) have?
61.What was the name of this Prophet (pbuh) who slew the tyrant Jalut and is father of Sulayman (Pbuh)?
1.The city which nobles and wealthy men paid the poorest to throw rocks at the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) when he came to bring his message, after sitting down on a tree stump or a rock and was then asked by Jibril (pbuh) if the angels on both sides of the mountain should clash together onto the city or leave it alone, and the Prophet (pbuh) let the city be for they may one day become Muslims. What is the name of this city?
2.A wise man, who was given an entire Sura from the qur'an with his name, is known for bringing both the heart and the tongue of a sheep as the worst And best parts of the sheep.
3.What is the name of the cave that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would go to to worship Allah in seclusion for many days?
6.What is that Which those who do not believe are in a state of?
7.An Arabian Prophet (pbuh) who warned the rebellious People of the Wood from certain doom if they were to continue their ways. What is the name of this Prophet (pbuh)?
9.One of the two most dangerous sins, this one of those who wear masks.
10.Before Ilyas (Pbuh) vanished he was to tell this Prophet (Pbuh) to take from where he left off, what is the name of this Prophet (Pbuh)?
11.This Prophet (Pbuh) when seen in Al-Maqām Al-Amīn by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on the night of Isra and Mi'raj it is said that when he would look to his right he would laugh with those on that side and when he looked to his left he would cry with those on that side, for those on his right are the people to Heaven, and to the left is the people to hell.
13.The Nonbeliever who is said to be given the least Hellfire. What was his name?
17.More than 83 Years is this One Night Worth. What is it's name?
21.Who was the Prophet (pbuh) of the Ad people who were ever so rebelious? What is the name of this Prophet (pbuh)?
22.Surah Yunus: Ayah 12: "And when affliction touches a man, he calls on Us, whether lying on his side or sitting or standing; but when We remove his affliction from him, he passes on as though he had never called on Us on account of an affliction that touched him; thus that which they do is made fair-seeming to the extravagant." What is this ayah calling mankind when he acts this way?
24.This Prophet (Pbuh) fled from his mission only to be eaten by a Big Fish and then spat out on the shore back to his mission. What is the name of this Prophet (pbuh)?
25.In Dreams there is one man satan cannot disguise himself as, who is it?
26.What Prophet (pbuh) was part of the event that brang forth the Zam Zam water? What is the name of this Prophet (pbuh)?
28.what is the name of the Prophet (pbuh) who had a Staff that can ward away falsehood, turn into a serpent and with his right hand press on his left side would shine in a white, bright, radiance , Who was this prophet (pbuh)?
30.This man has very curly hair and is blind in the right eye, he will be the greatest test for mankind what is his name?
32.This Prophet (Pbuh) like the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) started his Prophecy at the age 40, he his mentioned twice in the Qur'an, once in Sura Maryam, Ayah 56-57, and Sura Al-Anbiya, Ayah 85-86.
33.This Act of Worship is Told to be that which Allah loves the most of all forms of worship.
35.What makes the change of the poor man and the mountins of the rich man weigh the same as it is according to each persons means?
36.What kind of action is like that when you step in water it would become unavoidable to get wet?
38.He will bring the revelation that will shake the foundation of Mankind, he is from the past, and will have a great part in the future. Who is this Prophet (pbuh)?
39.What is the name of the Prophet (pbuh) who warned the People of Thamud not to harm the She-Camel of Allah yet did so anyway and were obliterated?
40.Surah Maryam: Ayah 13-15 "And piety (for all creatures) as from Us, and purity: He was devout, And kind to his parents, and he was not overbearing or rebellious. So Peace on him the day he was born, the day that he dies, and the day that he will be raised up to life (again)!" Which Prophet (pbuh) Is this referring to?
41.The Father of this Prophet (pbuh) Never accepted the true religion. Eventually realized there was no hope for Allah has sealed his heart, what is the name of this Prophet (pbuh)?
43.The Prophet (pbuh) who suffered many struggles and hardships, and was commanded to strike his foot at the earth to relieve the suffering. What is the name of this Prophet (pbuh)?
44.This will be the creature to distinguish the believers from the nonbelievers on the day of Judgement, it is of the Earth, what is it?
47.What is the height in which Adem (pbuh) was created and mankind have since then shrunk in stature? (2 Words)
48.One of the signs of a hypocrite, of that which he speaks. (Derived From Bukhari Book 1 Volume 2 Hadith 33)
50.The son of this Prophet (pbuh) was swept away in the rising waters due to his misguidance, what is the name of this prophet (pbuh)?
53.What is it called when you wish to retire in remembrance of Allah at a specific location?
55.The Jews Have the Horn, The Christians have the Bell, and The Muslims have?...
57.What let the people know if they were to recite the Qur'an quitely during both Thuhr and Asr prayers? As they could only see the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) back as he led those prayers.

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