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Pagan Crossword


Holidays, Gods, and holy symbols. Some might be a bit obscure, but that's where the fun is, right?

2       3
    4 5      
6   7       8 9       10
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13             14 15           16
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2.Ár nDraíocht ____
4.Two faces are better than one
6.Not a butter knife
9.God of scholars and eloquence with His own alphabet
11.A time of thin boundaries and coming darkness
13.faith of the "black land"
14.Sayings of the high one
17.God of the mid-day sun
18.from the countryside
20.Celebrated on February 15th in honour of Pan
21.A midwinter feast holiday
22.a collection of such aphorisms in the form of a manual
23.Thursday comes from His name
1.variety of witchcraft popularised by Gerald Gardner
3.Finnish God of thunder
5.thesis of Margaret Murray
7.Eldest yet youngest child
8.ten isosceles triangles
10.Abrahamic holy book
12.Æsir faith
15.Those who came before
16.Buddha's Birthday
19.The destroyer
24.Daughter of the giantess Angrboda

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