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Primal Religions

James O'Neill

2 3            
  4 5        
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3.The Lakota trickster.
4.Animal or natural symbol.
7.It's bad enough that you knocked out my teeth, but ouch.
8.Lakota centre of the universe.
9.Symbol of the Lakota trickster.
10.The great white buffalo.
12.I was once a great warrior and king.
14.To Australian Aborigines, this ceremony goes along with the idea that blood is thicker than water.
16.We crossed over this to come to North America from Siberia.
18.A place to purifiy mind and body.
1.Want to talk to your african ancestors, let me do the talkin' for you.
2.Yoruba lesser god.
5.Ultimate being, too busy to deal with us mere mortals.
6.Only way to offer a sacrifice to the creator.
7.Gain knowledge of the future by using bones etc.
11.Supernatural beings who lived in the dreamtime.
13.My name was John fire before my vision quest
15.What can I say, it's forbidden dude.
17.The city where it all began.
19.Number of faces of the Yoruban trickster.

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