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Ramadan Wordsearch

Farhat Amin

A fun crossword that will help you to learn the main ideas about the month of Ramadan, the month when ,muslims fast.

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1.The Prophet (saw) compared this smell to the breath from the mouth of a fasting person.
4.It is sunnah to open your fast with these.
6.Fasting was described as this by the Prophet (saw) because fasting protects us from bad actions.
7.If you are ____________ you don't have to fast.
9.A special evening prayer held during the month of Ramadan.
12.The meal that is eaten when we open our fast.
16.The exact night when the Quranic revelation began.
17.The arabic word for fasting.
19.The Prophet (saw) said "During the month of Ramadan, the gates of _______________ are open and the gates of Hell-fire are closed." (Bukhari)
21.We should help our ______________ to prepare the food for iftar, so she doesn't get too tired and has time for reading quran.
23.Don't over-eat or have ______________ food during Ramadan.
25.___________________ is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so you can be aware of Allah (2:183)
2.We ____________ our food with our neighbours and friends.
3.To be aware that Allah can see us and to make sure we obey him in our daily actions.
5.A meal eaten before we begin fasting.
7.When the fasts are long we will need to have ________________ and not complain.
8.Give as much _____________ as you can in Ramadan as your reward will be increased.
10.The new crescent moon, when this is sighted, Muslims begin fasting.
11.To spend the last 10 days of Ramadan at the mosque, worshipping Allah (swt)
13.We should only fast for His pleasure, no one elses.
14.The month when muslims all over the world are united together and fast.
15.The Prophet (saw) said " Five things break a person's fast: Lying,________________, spreading rumours, false testimony and a lustful gaze." ( Jabir related from Anas)
18.Which book was first revealed during the month of Ramadan?
20.Who is chained up during Ramadan?
22.If we do not stop doing this whilst we are fasting, then Allah is in no need of us giving up our food and drink.
24.If someone wants to _______________ with you during Ramadan, say to them "I'm fasting" and walk away.

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