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Religion Crossword

Using information from the religious flashcards, answer the questions and fill in the corresponding blanks.

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1.The founder of Lutheranism is Martin _______?
3.What is the English translation of the name of God in the Hebrew Scriptures?
8.The founder of the Bible Students movement was Charles Taze _______?
10.What is the Old Norse term for th religion of Pre-Christian Northern Europe?
11.Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma form the ______?
12.How many sacred rites did White Buffalo Calf Woman prophesize?
14.What is the Sanskrit name for God?
17.What is the name of the prince who become Shakyamuni Buddha?
21.What outlines Jewish dietary laws?
23.The Church of Satan was founded by Anton Szandor _______?
24.Through what sacrament do Catholics believe they are experiencing the celebration of God's forgiveness and mercy?
25.What is the Truth that states 'there can be no existence without suffering'?
26.Jehovah Witnesses belive Jesus died on a single _____?
28.What is the term for the words of the Koran put into action?
29.What involves the use of a sweat lodge?
30.What is the symbol of Wicca?
31.What is the term used for both male and female practictioners of Wicca?
32.The Sacred Wheel of the Year includes Eight ________?
2.What is the term for permitted food and actions in Islam?
3.What is the term that means 'striving in the cuase of God'?
4.Who is the considered the Father of the Gods?
5.Judaism traces it beginnings back to ______?
6.What do Hindus hope to achieve in order to become one with Brahman?
7.Christianity sprang from _______?
9.The _______ summarizes the doctrines of the Catholic Church?
13.Native Americas consider this the heartbeat of the universe?
15.The Dalai Lama is the representative of the ________ tradition?
16.What day commerates St. Walpurgis?
18.Who is the head of the Catholic Church?
19.What connects the nine worlds of the Asatru universe?
20.Term that refers to an interest in monastic discipline?
22.The inverted pentacle represents the Goat of _______?
27.The first five books of the Tanakh are called _____?

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