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World Religions Review


Review terms for the grade 11 exam

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    8               9
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        31 32
33               34        

5.Jewish teacher
8.to bring together
10.holiest river in India
11.holiest site for Muslims
17.worldview that suggests all is linked like a web
18.month of Muslim fasting
19.ritual worship in Hinduism
21.box holding consecrated bread
22.Zen Buddhist concept of spontaneous enlightenment
24.Tibetan Buddhism
26.One God, Three Persons
27.sings the call to prayer
29.city of the Dome of the Rock
33.Greater Vehicle (Buddhism)
34.Jewish statement of faith
35.Hindu festival of lights
1.Jewish group seeking the establishment of the state of Israel
2.Jewish skull cap
3.god with elephant's head
4.ritual washing for Muslims prior to prayer
6.Muslim woman's head-covering
7.Protestant break from Catholic Church
9.Constantine's Edict of ... legalized Christianity
12.beginning of Islamic calendar
13.temporal or "of the time"
14.circular object used for meditation
15.compassionate being who assists others on their journey to nirvana
16.monkey-god in the Ramayana
20.Jewish holy text
23.hindu and Buddhist concept of non-violence
25.three baskets of wisdom in Buddhism
28.a philosophy that suggests what feels good is good
30.liberation from samsara
31.Council that was part of the Counter-Reformation
32."what's the sound of one hand clapping?"

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