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Sam Helgren

Encompasses terms from 3 different world religions.

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6.40. Universal moral law
9.Founder of Buddhism
10.26. Means “Submission” (To Allah)
11.19. Right O__
12.22. Right Me__
14.27. Founder of Islam
15.44. Believing in multiple gods
17.35. Believers in Christ, His divinity, life, death and resurrection
18.45. Believing in one god
20.21. Right Mi__
22.46. Writings or teachings that a religion bases their doctrine on
24.16. Right A__
26.30. Teachings and sayings that Mohammed developed (literally “path”)
27.11. Suffering is ___
31.15. Right V__
33.12. The cause of suffering is ___
36.24. Doctrine of the Greater Way
37.42. Catholic
39.36. An opinion held in opposition to the commonly received doctrine and tending to promote division or dissension
42.31. Saying, “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is the prophet of Allah”
45.50. A noun that defines the essence of ones beliefs and gives a definition of a group to belong to
46.4. Highest degree of consciousness, literally “The blowing out”
47.9. The duty one has to perform according to his station in life
49.20. Right E__
1.41. Revised or watered down
2.43. The Son of God who came down to earth to die for humanity’s sins
3.8. The soul gains merits or demerits according to how one lives his life
4.47. The Ten ___ are basic laws that set standards of wrongdoing
5.Town where Siddhartha Gautama was born
7.The enlightend one
8.33. Pilgrimage to Mecca that must be performed at leas once in a Muslim’s lifetime
13.28. Birthplace of Mohammed
16.25. A blending of Mahayana Buddhism with the ancient occult practices of Tibet
18.10. Spiritual Path of Salvation, one of Buddha’s most important Teachings
19.13. The cure for suffering is to overcome ___ and eliminate cravings
21.The writings Siddhartha first studied
23.14. Suppress craving by following the Noble ___ path
25.39. Proud independent rebellion against God in active or passive form
28.The order of monks that Buddha founded
29.23. Doctrine of a Lesser Way
30.48. Common creed accepted by all Biblical Christianity
32.34. Means that the Christian believer searches seriously and carefully for the meaning of the bible on its own terms
34.Buddha rejected the _____ priesthood
35.17. Right S__
38.18. Right B__
40.32. Highest of Muslim holy seasons, ninth month of the Islamic lunar year
41.37. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
43.38. “The ___ is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” Jer. 17:9
44.29. Sacred scripture of Islam
48.49. The omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient creator of all

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