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Russian Revolution

Yen Chang

based on Russians revolution

1 2
3                             4   5 6
8                         9        
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  14 15                       16
    18 19                  

3.2 words-large government controlled farm formaed by combinning smaller farms
7.a self described
8.2 words-who was the leadrer of the communist takeover?
10.Who came in power after there was no more czars?
12.government has total control of public or private life
13.2 words-temporary government
15.Name of the last Czar of Russia?
17.a class of wealthy peasants
19.Many soviet writers, composers, and other artists also fell victims to offical_______?
20.2 words- In which city the bread riot began?
23.what was karl marx beliefs?
24.what happened to the religous leaders?
25.committed revolutionaries willing to sacrific for radical cahnges
1.2 words-a style if art in which communist value and life under communism glorified
2.3 words-Which church was the main target?
4.3words-the worlds lonest continous railine
5.russia's first parament
6.mayjor learder of the bolsheviks
9.how did Stalin force peasants to work on collective farms?
11.2 words- where government makes all the economic descisions
14.2 words-
16.1928 to 1937 industrial production increased by how many percent?
18.2 words- a campaign of terro in the soviet union during late 1930's where Stalin sought to eiminate all communist party
21.organized violence aganist jews
22.local councils constiting of workers,peasents, and soliders

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