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CPO Foundations Phys Sci Chtr 1--5

N. Brown

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2.always less than 100% due to friction; equals 100% times output Work/input work
6.metric prefix showing that 1/1000 units are present; for example, 1mm = 1/1000 m
8.force X distance; measured in Newton-meters or Joules
10.variable that the experimenter manipulates during an experiment; usually graphed on the x axis
15.law stating that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can be converted from form to form
16.unit of work or energy; a force of 1 N exerted over a distance of 1 m; 1 Nm
17.symbol p; p=mv
21.type of energy causing motion
22.unit describing power; equals use of 1 Joule of energy in 1 s
26.the slope of a graph having distance on the y axis and time on the x axis
28.the side of a lever that a person exerts force upon
30.when moving objects slide over each other, some kinetic energy is converted to this form of energy; also called thermal energy
35.distance divided by time; direction is indicated by a + or - sign; if direction isn't described, then the value is termed speed
38.a force exerted as objects move against each other, due to sticking of surfaces together; acts in a direction that opposes motion
40.acceleration when speed is constant and direction is constant
41.graphical relationship showing both x and y values increasing or decreasing simultaneously
42.rate of change in velocity; acceleration occurs if either speed or direction change
43.metric prefix showing that 1/100 units are present; for example, 1 cm = 1/100m
44.metric unit of measurement for volume
45.a tests of a hypothesis
47.unit of F; equivalent to 4.48 lbs; equals 1 kg m/s/s
49.Newton's law stating that forces act in pairs of equal size but opposite direction
1.metric unit of measure for mass
3.when objects collide, the sum of their momentums (p) before & after the collision are equal; m1v1=m2v2
4.the ability to do work (to make a mass move)
5.an experiment in which tests of a hypothesis are identical except for changes in a single independent variable
7.an educated guess which is either supported or not when conclusions are drawn
9.metrix prefix showing that 1000 units are present; for example, 1 km = 1000m
11.term for negative acceleration
12.description of velocity when a distance/time graph is a straight line
13.multiplication of force by a simple machine; MA; equals output force divided by input force
14.rise over run; (y2-y1)/(x2-x1)
18.sum of potential & kinetic energy when there's no friction
19.how much matter an object contains; measured in g or kg; constant anywhere in the universe
20.equals 746 watts
23.watts; the rate at which energy is used; work/time
24.equals the mass of object times g; the force gravity exerts on a mass; changes if g changes
25.the sum of all forces acting on an object
27.acceleration due to gravity; 9.8 m/s/s on earth
29.type of stored energy; equals mass times gravity times height; increases with the height of an object
31.property of matter increasing with mass & resisting changes in motion
32.Newton's law stating that objects remain at rest unless acted on by unbalanced forces
33.a push or a pull
34.type of graphical relationship showing one value increasing as the other is decreasing
36.rotating (balancing) point for a lever
37.the variable that changes as a result of the manipulations in the independent variable; usually graphed on the y axis
39.Newton's law stating that F=ma
46.metric unit of measure for length
48.multiple by which kinetic energy increases if speed increases three times

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