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Electromagnetism: Chapter 21 & 22 Glencoe

Mr. Grattini

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2.This is measured in volts (V)
6.The build-up of electrical charges on an object
8.Magnet made by wrapping a wire coil around an iron core
9.Increases or decreases the voltage of an alternating current
10.A device used to detect the presence of electric charges
11.A material that allows electrons to move easily through it
12.Measures potential differences
15.Induces electrical curent by rotating loops of wire through a magnetic field
16.Groups of atoms with aligned magnetic poles
20.The opposition to the flow of electrons through a conductor
22.This is expressed in watts (W) or kilowatts (kW)
24.An area surrounding an electron that exerts a force on anything nearby with an electric charge
25.A power source that acts as an electron pump; "dry" because it uses a thick, pasty electrolyte
26.Has no electrical resistance; current does not loose energy
27.It equals 1000 watts
28.A material that does not allow heat or electrons to move through it easily
29.An electrical circuit where the current has only one path.
1.Force of attraction between unlike poles or repulsion between like poles
3.Creating an electrical current by passing a wire through a magnetic field
5.Changes elecrical energy to magnetical energy
7.A closed circuit through which electrons flow
13.The two ends of a magnet
14.A galvanometer that measures electrical current passing through in amperes
16.The region around a magnet where magnetic forces act
18.An electrical circuit where the current flows through more than one path
19.A power source that acts as an electron pump; "wet" because it uses a liquid electrolyte
21.V = I x R
23.The flow of electrons through a wire or any conductor

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