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By Mr. Kevin Power

This puzzle has clues to the basic elements and principles of electronics.

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2.where protons and neurtons are
4.positive part of an atom
7.what is the value of the don't let go current in milliamps?
10.acts as a regulation valve or switch
12.the pressure at which the current will flow
14.limits current flow, drops voltage
15.stores electrons
16.the negative part of an atom
20.in the diode schematic symbol what does the arrow point to?
21.what everthing is made of
22.the part that has the same nuclear weight but no charge
1.what is the polarity in a schematic symbol of a transistor when the arrow point in ?
3.what part of the symatic symbol of a transistor has the arrow part?
5.what resistors uses as a unit of measurement
6.current times resistance equals voltage
8.what is the name of the lead that is opposite to the emitter lead in a transistor ?
9.what is the name of centre lead of a transistor?
11.the oppostion to the flow of current
13.what type of diode produces visible light.
17.the amount electrons that flow past a given point in time
18.acts as a one way valve
19.what capacitors us as a unit of measurement
20.what is the polarity of a schematic symbol of a transistor when the arrow point out?

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