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Forensic Toxicology

Sarah, Ashley, and Amber

This is our list of Chapter 10 vocab. Enjoy our crossword!!! :D

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4.The ability to detect small concentrations of drugs in body fluids and organs.
5.The Detection and isolation of drugs in the body
6.a legal, over the counter drug. The most heavily abused drug in Western countries
7.The combination of oxygen with other substances to produce new products.
8.passage of alcohol across the wall of the stomach and small intestine into the bloodstream
10.Person experiencing the _____ is usually unaware and unable to stop or control it
14.Accomplished with oxidation and excretion
15.Drugs (most at least) are either an Acid or a ____ and fall somewhere on that 0 to 14 scale
16.The temperature at which breath leaves the mouth
18.Transforming a chemical in the body to another chemical for the purpose of facilitating its elimination from the body
20.A breath test reflects the alcohol concentration in what artery?
24.Elimination of alcohol from the body
25.A compound capable of donating a hydrogen ion, (H+) to another compound
26.A device for collecting and measuring the alcohol content of alveolar breath
28.Accelerates the rate of a chemical reaction
29.A blood vessel that transports blood to the heart.
1.this may not be reached until 2 or 3 hours after the time of consumption
2.A substance that prevents coagulation or clotting of a sample of blood
3.Combines with oxygen and is transported to the entire body.
9.This provides the medium for circulating alcohol through the body thus carrying it to ALL tissues including the brain
11.Vitreous humor and ____ generally DO NOT suffer postmortem ethyl alcohol production to any significant extent
12.A director in which chemical reactions were used to produce electricity.
13.Tiny blood vessels.
17.Heroin for example, almost immediately metabolizes to _______ upon entering the bloodstream.
19.A blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart.
20.Also known as field sobriety tests
21.Small sacs in the lungs
22.The more _____ the person is, the less the eye has to move toward the side before jerking or nystagmus begins
23.A substance that stops the growth of microorganisms in the blood.
27.____ Chromatography is used by the toxicologist for determining alcohol levels in the blood

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